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Adding the phone number field related to a specified country

When it comes to the primary goal of the dependent fields component built-in FireCheckout module, this is the user-centered checkout page.

Adding the dependencies between a value of one form field and another field status will help you to provide every single customer with the checkout fields suitable exactly to him.

Our module extends the features and functionality of Magento one page checkout with the following possibilities:

  • Adding a phone to country relation. That way you can show a phone field required for the USA and hidden for other countries. The option will be implemented by creating a custom.js file.
  • Adding the radio buttons to the billing address form. That way you will show or hide the Company and VAT fields only for US customers. The display of the phone field required for US customers can be triggered in the same way.

With FireCheckout built-in components you can also affect street address in checkout forms and assign dependencies to the checkbox.

In order to show a custom popup window on Magento 2 checkout page, please read the recommendations mentioned in the article.

See the user guide or email us in case you have questions.

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