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6 Magento checkout page layouts

Our extension includes many options to help you minimize shopping cart abandonment. The page layout also matters. FireCheckout module is a king when it comes to available Magento checkout page layouts. You can choose up to 6: 1 column; expanded layout; 2 columns; 2 columns wide layout alternative; 2 columns smart; ; 3 columns checkout page layout.

All six layouts have amazing general features:

  • well organized checkout page layout
  • clear interface
  • dynamic ajax updates
  • simplified forms
  • responsive design
  • easy to use functionality
  • simplified filling of address fields
  • a variety of payment and shipping options for better customer experience

In addition, with the flexible customization settings, you will be able to apply custom styles easily.

With FireCheckout layouts you deliver to your customers a reduced number of steps, fewer clicks, and the fast checkout experience. In case you need to define what layout is better for your store, see our recommendations.

Get in touch if you have any questions about using the module.

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