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Double email validation

The FireCheckout module is great in building the perfect UX for checkout pages. It is one of the most customizable Magento one step checkout modules.

With our extension, you can easily add new checkout functionality according to your demands. You can show additional fields, or enable the validation service right during checkout.

One of the checkout optimization ideas with real benefits is email validation service.

With the FireCheckout module, you can show the checkout field for double-entry of the customer email address. The feature is implemented by adding custom javascript at the FireCheckout page. Follow the instructions to learn more.

As a result, you receive:

  • easy adding the validation to the checkout layout
  • checkout page as user-friendly as possible
  • the lower number of invalid email addresses from your clients' list
  • a bigger number of prospects for engaging with your visitors in future

The FireCheckout module also provides you with the address validation feature. Click here to see more details.

Get in touch if you have any other questions about using the module.

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