by Firecheckout Support

Shopping cart functionality

With our module, you would never have issues with how to change the number of items in the checkout.

FireCheckout module enables the shopping cart's functionality directly on the checkout page. This is definitely is a good way to help users take a final purchase decision.

Plus, the possibility to edit shopping cart without navigating to another page, results in:

  • easy update product quantity on checkout page
  • convenient user experience in your store
  • user-friendly checkout page
  • faster order placement

FireCheckout extension provides customizable shopping cart settings to help you:

  • enable the ability to change and auto-update cart quantity when users change the quantity
  • show product image next to the product name
  • edit the image width/height
  • render the product name as a link to the item edit page
  • show short product description below product name and options
  • trim description length to the specified value

Get in touch if you have any questions about using the module.

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