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Google address autocomplete feature

FireCheckout extension includes the Address Autocomplete module. It is about enabling Google address autofill in your store.

Address autofill/autocomplete is a perfect tactic to improve the Magento checkout page and avoid abandoning. It shows your customer address suggestions right after he starts typing a few symbols.

As a result:

  • it improves user data entry in the checkout field
  • it allows users to fill the address field easier, and thus place the order faster
  • it helps to correct and verify a shipping address
  • it makes you feel the users' data are correct
  • it helps to avoid delivery problems and customer support issues
  • it increases customer loyalty and the overall checkout page conversion rate

To learn more about how to benefit from address autocomplete feature, see wonderful samples and techniques.

The Address Autocomplete module has very simple configuration settings:

  • The field to specify Google Maps Api Key. In order to integrate Google suggest with your Magento store, follow the instructions.
  • The option to place the street number at the start/end of Street Line 1, or place it directly to the Street Line 2.

Get in touch if you have any questions about using the module.

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