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How to improve Magento 2 Customer Registration during checkout?

The Checkout Registration module is a part of FireCheckout. We added the module to the package to help you improve the customer registration process on the checkout page. The extension supports 5 modes. With some of them, you will increase customer registration on your website.

With the Checkout Registration extension, you get the opportunity to choose the following registration modes:

  • Registration is Allowed. Users will see a registration checkbox Create an Account. So you offer the option to register or not.
  • Registration is Required. Users will see a required password field below the email field. There is no possibility to leave the field empty.
  • Register All Users Automatically. The registration fields will be hidden. Registration is done automatically in the background.
  • Guest Checkout Only. There will not be an ability to log in during checkout. If you wish to remove the registration block from the success page as well, use our CheckoutSuccess module.
  • Default mode. Then you will use Magento Settings. When this mode is enabled, the module does nothing.

magento 2 register at checkout

Note: if your Magento configuration requires some additional fields to register a customer, our module will create a Customer without these fields. Magento will ask the customers to enter them on the next login/checkout event.

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