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How to set up the order attachments in Magento 2?

The Order Attachments module is a part of FireCheckout. We added this tool to help users upload files during checkout. It will let your customers provide your store with additional information without interrupting the order placement process. All attached files are protected from public access and accessible via private-generated links only.

To start configuring the module, please go Swissup - Checkout - Order Attachments. The configuration includes the General and File restrictions tab.

magento 2 files upload on checkout

Please follow the steps:

General tab

  • In the Enabled field, set Yes to enable the module.
  • In the Restrict Customer Group(s) field, specify certain customer groups to allow file upload for them only.
  • In the Allow file upload during checkout field, set Yes to enable order attachments to upload before the order placement. Specific fields will be visible in the Payment information section.
  • In the Allow file upload on order view page field, set Yes to allow users to edit and upload files after the order has been placed. The attachments will be visible on the Order View page.

File Restrictions tab

  • In the Limit field, set the count limit for the attached files per one order.
  • In the Size field, specify the allowed file size to attach (in kilobytes).
  • In the Allowed extensions field, enter the allowed file extensions comma separated.

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