by Firecheckout Support

Checkout USPS Address Validation

FireCheckout module includes so many features to help your customers fill the fields faster. It results in a quick and easy order placement process.

Our extension comes with the USPS Address Verification feature. It automatically verifies the user's address. This check ensures that every address entered is a real address.

Eventually, it helps you to:

  • avoid possible issues with product delivery
  • simplify the address field filling during checkout
  • make the user checkout experience smooth
  • improve your store credibility

The address validation is a proven technique to avoid page abandonment. We suggest you also see some examples of address verification tools including USPS, to use during the checkout process.

To start using the feature, you have to register the USPS account and enable API support. Then with the FireCheckout module, you will be able to open USPS shipping method configuration and fill your details.

Get in touch if you have any questions about using the module.

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