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Customize the view of every checkout step

Magento 2 checkout process customization is easy with FireCheckout extension. Right from the scratch, you receive a bulk of included styling tweaks to customize the view of every single checkout form.

Customize page layout

With the FireCheckout module, you can choose up to 4 layouts:

  • Default Checkout Layout that depends on your active theme.
  • Empty with no Header and Footer.
  • Minimal, where is the Header with Store Logo only.
  • Full is a 1column layout with header, navigation, and footer.

So, no need to override a one-page checkout layout. You can simply pick up the layout that suits your demands.

Customize checkout styles

The module allows customizing checkout styles without worrying about further updating. For instance, you can change form and FireCheckout layout styles and section number colors.

adding custom styles to Magento 2 checkout page

Follow the instructions on how to get this result.

Use variables to change layout and section styles

The module includes a list of less variables that simplify the customizing of checkout layout and section styles. In order to see them and start dynamically change the value of checkout page elements, please go to firecheckout sources (swissup/firecheckout/view/frontend/web/css/abstracts/_variables.less).

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