Firecheckout Verisons Comparison

A well-planned checkout process is an important part of success. We have been working on FireCheckout module for 8 years. With every month new features had been introduced to provide you with the best practices for improved checkout page conversion rate. The table explains the main differences between M1 and M2 FireCheckout release.

  Magento 1 Magento 2

Checkout page layouts

6 5

Checkout page skins

1 4


Delivery Date

Address Autocomplete

VAT validation

USPS verification

Custom checkout fields

Up to 5 Unlimited

Custom address fields

Order attachments

Custom checkout success page

Subscribe to newsletter checkbox

Discount coupon functionality

Editable address form fields status and sort order

Order comment field

Editable cart at checkout

Precise AJAX settings

RTL support

Flexible guest checkout