Magento Fire Checkout Extension

With our one-page checkout extension for Magento 2, you can choose 5 amazing checkout page layouts which are easily customizable. All layouts have a responsive design that helps both desktop and mobile visitors get the best checkout experience ever. Moreover, the responsive design is a nice tactic to make your web-store succeed in SERPs. Try free demo.

Explore 17 beneficial options you get with FireCheckout module.

Besides simplified checkout page and overall faster checkout process, you get much extended Magento checkout functionality. There is a difference between FireCheckout features for Magento 1.9 and Magento 2.x versions. Visit a comparison page to learn more.

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5 checkout page layouts


Our module comes with a variety of layouts and numerous possible modifications. Given your store, you can choose: 1-column multi-step Wizard, 1-column expanded, 2 Columns with Wide Payment and Shipping sections (addresses are in the first column, and the shipping, payment, and summary are in the second), 2 Columns with Payment and Shipping sections placed side by side, 3 column (3 columns layout where the address is in the first column, shipping and payment are in the second and the order summary is in the third.) Responsive design forms. Ability to enable/disable the display of a header, logo, navigation, and footer. 3 layout form modes: horizontal, basic and compact.

Fast & High-Converting Checkout


With FireCheckout you bring that fast and reliable checkout your customers expect. There are many included methods to boost checkout. 1 click checkout feature for registered customers. Express checkout payment options. Guest checkout. Ability to skip the shopping cart page. jsBuild option that combines checkout-related js files into a single bundle to be loaded then only on the checkout page.

Checkout Success Page


Our extension includes the Checkout Success Page tool that helps you create a Thank you page with high conversion. It includes blocks where you can show any kind of additional content like video, cross-selling products, social media links, promotional banners. Easy-to-use drag-and-drop backend interface to modify the page layout. Ability to assign CMS block to respective block on the checkout success page. Ability to insert any custom HTML or JS code in “Miscellaneous scripts and HTML” configuration. RTL support.

Address Field Manager


Our module includes the Address Field manager. It makes it easier adding extra fields to billing and shipping checkout address forms. Ability to set the status to Required, Optional or Hidden. Ability to edit sort order, default values, and labels. The module allows creating new address fields with various input types. Ability to display custom checkout address fields in a Customer sign-up form, Customer Account form, edit billing and shipping address section on order view page, on printed invoices, shipments, refunds.

Customer Field Manager


The FireCheckout brings a way to build personalized customer experience. The built-in Customer Field Manager module allows creating additional fields to be filled during sign-up and on the customer account page. 6 different input types. Ability to change the sort order, status, default values and labels for each custom field. Easy to edit from the backend. An effective way to gather information from your customers, and engage them with your store promotions then.

Checkout Fields


FireCheckout extension allows creating additional checkout fields of different types. You can show them right on the checkout page to gather valuable information. You may ask to say favorite thing about your product/service, learn what they prefer to use: desktop or mobile, or set any other various matters. The feature is implemented by the built-in Checkout Fields module. It includes 6 different input types, a separate interface to help you add new or modify existing checkout field, advanced Field Properties interface, ability to manage options per store view.

Google Address Autocomplete


The autocomplete functionality is performed through the built-in Address Autocomplete module. It aims to fasten the checkout process by helping users fill the address fields intuitively. With integrated Google address autocomplete API, our module shows a list of accurate available addresses right after the user starts typing. As an option, you can set the display of results only for a specific country.

GeoIp feature


FireCheckout enables GeoIP functionality on the checkout page. It is implemented by the built-in GeoIP module that uses the GeoIP2 City database provided by MaxMind and IpStack services. You can choose the data providers in Magento 2 GeoIP module configuration. Our extension supports Country, Region, and City result output when auto-detecting the visitor’s current location by his IP. It also helps customers to autocomplete the Postal Code.

Order Attachments


The FireCheckout enables the display of the Order Attachments block at the payment section. It helps customers upload needed licenses, images, and any other files right during the checkout process. Attachments are protected from public access. Users can access the files via privately generated links. Through the module settings you can set the files count limit per one order; set the allowed file size to attach; add the attachments to the notification email.

Delivery Date & time


The included Delivery day and time feature is a proven benefit for nice user experience. The module includes the advanced delivery date rules which allow you to set up the precise possible date for delivery. Then users will be able to select the days in the calendar and specify the most convenient time. Through the settings, you can set the available time and date fields as Optional, Required or Disabled. You can also set the display of delivery date input for all shipping methods or for selected only.

Checkout Cart


The built-in Checkout Cart module implements the shopping cart functionality on the checkout page. It helps users to change items quantity or remove some from a cart right during the checkout process. Ability to show quantity switch buttons to the product page. Ability to show item name as a link to the product page. Ability to display the Order Totals section under the products list. Ability to use plus/minus symbols instead of arrows.

Tax Vat Validation 

The FireCheckout extension enables a Tax Vat validation feature that allows customers to verify the VAT number directly on a checkout page. Vat field is optional and can be shown at the shipping address block. In case you are doing business with users from the European Union, the feature is essential to undertake transactions with VAT-registered customers. The Tax Vat validation service  is implemented by a built-in Checkout Vat module.

Subscribe to Newsletters at Checkout


The FireCheckout comes with a Subscribe at Checkout module in the package. It allows your clients to subscribe to the newsletter directly on the checkout page, and timely get informed about your site updates. Afterward, it increases the database of your subscribers. With the module settings, you can add the " Subscription" checkbox per store; set the checkbox as Checked by default; specify a description and label for subscription checkbox.

Additional content sections


With the FireCheckout module, you can add a CMS block on the checkout page. The module provides a flexible configuration of additional content sections. You can display block above/below Firecheckout form or above/below the place order button. As another additional content type, the module allows using intro popups. Separately for guests or registered customers, you can show Cross-sell or Frequently Bought Together products in a popup. You can invite guests to join our community, or simply provide customers with payment method picker.

Magento 2 FireCheckout customization


Our module is proven to be super customizable. You can modify almost every checkout field, input form, block, section. 4 amazing skins. The included list of variables to change the checkout page layout and section styles. “Custom CSS”, “Custom JS”, “Custom LESS” config fields for writing custom styles and javascript. Easy adding borders, background color, and security icons and badges. FieldManager component to change form field properties like placeholder, label, class name, and to apply MaskFormatter or create a House number field. The DependentFields utility to call any custom function when field values condition is matched.

Third-party modules integration


The FireCheckout module works perfectly with over 95% of 3rd-party shipping /payment modules compatible with Magento 2 right out of the box. Here are the collections of the compatible out-of-the-box shipping and payment methods. Our module also supports the solutions of alternative trustworthy providers that help you offer your customers' preferred methods in the store. Request the integration for FREE.

Improved Terms & Conditions block


With the FireCheckout module, the creating Terms and Conditions block is easy. You can add Terms and Conditions link to the billing information block, let the customer check the checkbox or click on the I Agree button in the popup. In the module configuration, you can edit the checkbox text, specify the description, apply per store, show content of Terms and Conditions as HTML or text. Our module has a configurable ability to update agreements on ajax request.

Marketing improvements


The FireCheckout module offers some marketing strategies to optimize your checkout page. GiftWrapping, GiftMessages, GiftRegistry, GiftReceipt, and PrintedCards support. The discount code functionality. The display of a progress bar to show how fast users will end up order placement. The Login popup with user-friendly input forms. The shown icons to checkout with PayPal or any other trustworthy payment methods, the most relevant to your target customers.

MultiLanguage checkout page

The FireCheckout creates a high ranking multilingual checkout page for Magento 2 store. It includes 16 locales to translate backend and frontend phrases: German, Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, French, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Ukrainian. Right-To-Left (RTL) support. Your checkout page layout will be automatically switched for all customers who read from right to left.