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What third-party modules are compatible with the FireCheckout?

FireCheckout helps you to use different benefit programs for your eCommerce business. That will result in building strong relationships with your best customers. Thus, our extension provides compatibility with the following third-party modules to let you:

  • allow clients to redeem the reward points at checkout
  • allows your customers to activate Gift Cards, Gift Wraps and Certificates at checkout
  • generate an auto discount directly at checkout
  • check or modify cart fees details
  • add custom fields to Magento checkout page
  • set up Magento newsletters

We suggest you check the list of third-party solutions that work perfectly on the FireCheckout page. Some of them require additional modification, so please go to the module page and apply the required changes.

In case you need another method or module, please request the integration for FREE!!!

Gift Cards modules compatible with FireCheckout

AW Giftcard, Magento EE GiftCards and GiftWrap, Aitoc_Aitgiftwrap, Unirgy_GiftCert, Webtex_Giftcards, Magestore Giftvoucher.

Coupon Code modules compatible with FireCheckout

Built-in coupons, Magento EE coupons, Amasty Coupons.

ShoppingCart and OrderTotals modules compatible with FireCheckout.

GCMC_GiveChange, Symmetrics_Buyerprotect, Amasty Checkoutfees, Amasty Promo, Ayasoftware SimpleProductPricing, Brander_PaymentFee, MageWorx MultiFees, Netresearch PaymentFee.

Custom fields modules compatible with FireCheckout

RedPandaPlus_OrderAttachments, Amasty Orderattr.

Reward points program modules compatible with FireCheckout

AW_Rewards, Magebuzz_Rewardpoint, AW Points, AW Raf, J2T Rewardpoints, Itoris CustomerRewards, MageStore Customerreward, Mirasvit Rewards, MW_RewardPoints, TBT (Sweet Tooth) Rewards.

Modules to set Magento newsletters

AW_Advancednewsletter, AW_Newsletter, Ebizmarts MageMonkey.

Tax/Vat extensions compatible with FireCheckout

Emja_Taxrelief, Webgriffe_TaxIdPro, Geissweb Euvatgrouper, OnePica AvaTax, Taxjar SalesTax, Vonnda_Taxify.

Address related modules compatible with FireCheckout

CraftyClicks, Juicy_Geoip, Magenio FiscalData, MrwIberia_Mage2Mrw, PostcodeAnywhere, Rack_Getpostcode, Shipperhq_Validation, Webshopapps Wsavalidation.

StoreCredit modules compatible with FireCheckout

MageWorx_CustomerCredit, Wf_CustomerBalance (Magecredit), Amasty StoreCredit, AW StoreCredit, MW_Storecreditpro.

Get in touch if you have any other questions about using the module.

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